1 Jul 2020

Presenting Limitless Hip Hop, an epic new release from our West One Music label featuring a compelling blend of hard-hitting male vocals and orchestration.

This ten-track album is filled with hip hop beats, cinematic brass stabs and driving strings. The fusion of intense vocal overlays and slick production conveys the message of striving to win, overcoming adversity and rising to the top.

Perfect for high adrenaline moments and inspiring narratives, Limitless Hip Hop was brought to us by Dexx! TurnerDJ $crilla and Imperial Beats. We spoke to all three about their unique creative process and how they fused their different skills and experience in the realm of production music to create a powerful, cinematic hip hop album!



Dexx! Turner

“My process is easy. I create my best in a peaceful mind state. Rather I’m up late night, jogging with my headphones or sitting on the toilet it’s where the magic happens. I listen several times, set a mood/subject for the track then start with a melody in my head. Once that’s figured out the lyrics comes like clockwork.”



DJ $crilla

“I tend to find inspiration in the fabric of everyday life. No matter how big, small, quick, or long a moment might be — it all inspires me. And once I channel that inspiration, the creative process completely takes over. Tones, words, and ideas simply begin to flow. And once they start flowing, there’s no stopping.”






“Ever since hearing Adam F’s ‘Kaos: Anti-Acoustic Warfare’ I’ve always loved the fusion of orchestral music with Hip Hop. I’ve tried to capture the sound of sizzling string lines sprinkled with bombastic brass stabs which sit on a bed of sub rumbling 808s and banging beats. Each song is a cinematic musical journey punctuated by some of the finest voices in rap right now.”

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