8 Sep 2020

Meet Moa Munoz!

Dario Comuzzi and Ryan Short worked alongside Moa on the creation of the ‘Minimal Beat Pop‘ album, which was released on our ‘And Them Some‘ label in July of this year.

The album is a collection of swaggering minimal pop beats, featuring confident female vocals, deep-diving basslines, infectious melodies and daring lyrics.

Moa shared how she worked alongside Dario and Ryan on creating this album during the lockdown and what inspired the sound and feel of the tracks.

Along with the other creatives you worked with, what was the inspiration behind the album? Were you inspired by any particular people/ artists/ sounds when writing? 

“We drew a lot of inspiration from Billie Eilish for this album and lyrically I took a trip down memory lane to my teenage years (“This is the rise of the misfit” – ‘Dangerous Youth’ for example), trying to keep the vibe super young and rebellious. Sonically we basically just cut anything mid and high end, lol! All about that bass.”


How did you establish the albums sound in your writing and performance?

“I normally yell into the mic a lot, but for this, we cranked the gain and had me whisper most of the vocals, which was very different and fun for me. I think aside from that we built everything around the driving bass lines and tried to keep everything very organic with claps and snaps, ad-libs etc and play with those sounds and warp them rather than using samples.

Fun fact – we even had a guest appearance but West One Music’s very own Legend, Martina, in Wannabe, who happened to be in the room for the scream (listen at 1.37)”


What was your creative process when writing this album? Was it different from how you have worked before?

“Oh jeez, I don’t know if this could have possibly been any more different from our normal process! We started this album literally at the beginning of the pandemic so no one really knew what to do. I worked with two different producers/co-writers on this one, Dario and I are neighbors so we were rebellious enough to sneak out and work on the songs in person, whereas Ryan and I did everything remotely. There was a lot of sending files back and forth and cursing my slow internet connection, but it gave me a sense of purpose and something positive to focus on in a very odd time. So thank you West One for that! <3”


Which track is your favourite on the album?

“Girl, I don’t know how to answer this I change my mind like I change my underwear!! If you ask me today I would have to say ‘Last Woman Standing’ and ‘Dangerous Youth’ because they contain some of my favourite sections, which is the last chorus of LWS and the second half of the second verse and the bridge in DY. But if you ask me tomorrow the answer might be different.”

Photo credit to Dancefloormurder.


Minimal Pop Beat is available to listen, download and sync now on the West One Music website now.

As always, get in touch with someone at West One Music if you want to sync any of the tracks on this album, we’re here to help with any different versions that you may need.


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