3 Dec 2020

POSE comes from a versatile Composer and Producer with 15+ years of experience, Amy McKnight. It provides sass and style in the form of six infectious Pop and R&B inspired tracks, jam-packed with catchy hooks and attitude galore.

The songs are united in their empowering, confident messaging and their carefully crafted lyrics. We had the pleasure of asking Amy a few questions about her creative process when creating POSE during the lockdown.

What was the inspiration behind the album?

I wanted to create a fun record that was positive and encouraging


How did you establish the albums sound in your writing and performance?

I always start off by creating a sonic template by experimenting with different instruments and textures. This album quickly formed its sound that ended up being what I would describe as a cross over/hybrid with a mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation


What was your creative process when writing this album? Was it different from how you have worked before?

I normally start with production ideas before vocals. I sketched all the tracks in a few days then I took time away from them for a couple of weeks. That’s when I started to write the melody and lyrics and got down rough vocals on each. I then took another couple days away from the project as I help me when I come back to them. I can then decided if any parts need changing, a re-write to get it as strong as I can melody and lyric-wise, which is what I did. Then I got into the final stages of production and finished the tracks around the guide vocals. Then finally I re-recorded some vocal parts and did a full vocal production on each track.


Which track is your favourite on the album?   

Hmmm “Taking Over“.


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