27 Apr 2021
Last month we released an epic two-part release from Norwegian Finnish composer Lasse Enersen, Thriller Action Score and Thriller Tension Score. Lasse’s film score work has featured in many global TV shows and Nordic Box office hits including Cold Courage and Unknown Soldier.

The first release Thriller Action Score, features trailer drums, epic orchestral surges, intense strings, and eerie atmospheres with an extremely modern, cinematic sound that will suit a multitude of usages

Whereas Thriller Tension Score is far more focused on tension building underscores. The cues have been designed with foreboding tension and drama in mind, making this release a perfect pairing to investigative programming and true-crime series.

We spoke to Lasse to delve into the making of these two albums and to find out a bit more about the composer himself…


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a composer from Finland, based in Helsinki, and I work in Film and TV. My background is from avantgarde Classical Music. I worked as an assistant for Alexandre Desplat, Heitor Pereira, and Abel Korzeniowski, before starting to get my own gigs. I wrote the score for Finland’s biggest box office hit of all time, The Unknown Soldier, which is a movie about the Second World War.

What was the inspiration behind the two albums? (Please try and refrain from mentioning too many TV Shows or films as inspiration)

The inspiration behind the albums were high octane action thriller films of the last 30 years, deriving something from all of them, and trying to create a sense of forever growing intensity.

How did you establish the tone for the two different albums in your writing and performance?

I created a lot of new custom synth patches; drum sounds and sound design.

What was your creative process when creating the albums? How was it different from how you’ve worked before?

My method is to create a lot of material like going to a farmers’ market, seeing what is good that day, and then coming back home and creating a nice meal out of what I was able to get that day.

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