5 May 2021

Cinematic Orchestral is the emotive new addition to The Scoring House (TSH) label, it’s created by two experienced composers and writers, Matt Thurtall and Enzo Bellomo.

Although new to The Scoring House label, Matt and Enzo are prolific composers who met at the Royal Academy of Music and now work from their respective studios in Italy. We are very happy to welcome them into the TSH composer community.

Cinematic Orchestral takes the listener on a journey by creating different emotions and moods across the album, with the composers wanting each track to convey a vivid sense of identity.

The Scoring House is famous for its highly inspired compositions, bringing together renowned composers in the production music world, and the wider music industry, to create radical timeless works, infused with emotion and vision. All tracks are now available to listen to, download and sync on the website, click here.

Matt and Enzo shared a few words about the making of the album in the below video…

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