10 Jun 2021
Super Eight Stardust is brought to The Scoring House label by a brand-new composer to the production music world, Stephen Coates. The album showcases Stephen’s fascination with ‘how the future might have been imagined to sound in the past’. We spoke to Stephen about his concept for the album and how he went about creating such a unique and interesting sound.

What was the initial concept for the album?

It comes out of a long-time interest in making sounds that mix up old sounds with very new sounds, like combining electronica with older instruments.

Super Eight Stardust is an album of instrumental pieces. I like to range across a big spectrum of moods from upbeat and jolly to melancholic. What ties and links the tracks are that they are not from the past or the future but can be found in a somewhat dreamlike in-between world, which is sometimes joyful and sometimes poignant.

We’ve definitely created a slightly magical little world with Super Eight Stardust. It’s not so much led by a narrative but more of a creative atmosphere that we are peeping into.

What inspired you?

In the background there’s sometimes a flavour of old British Jazz, not so much swing but more pre-war sounds. I spent lockdown in Northern Scotland with family so there are more bucolic sounds from my time around the shores of the North Sea, mixed with a sense of a city (from my London home) – some darker urban moods

Is there anything special in the way the tracks were recorded – how did your creative process differ due to the recording and mixing taking place in lockdown?

I’ve got two studios, one in Scotland and one in London, I moved between the two when lockdown allowed and recorded in each.  In both places, I am surrounded by old equipment and instruments but the ambience of each place is very different and each influenced some of the moods on this collection

Can you share with us a few of your favourite moments from the creation of this album?

I loved the opportunity to put together a production music album because it’s a different kind of creative challenge – it’s not an artist or a song album. It’s a pleasure to assemble a set of music for a brief and as a collection, to have a purpose for it.

It will be a delight to see or hear it used in a different way. I’ve always worked with filmmakers and it’s a magical thing seeing what people working in visuals do with it – sometimes you like it and sometimes you don’t, but that is part of the thrill!

Also working with Angela is always a delight as we have known each other for a long time. We duetted on probably my most successful and popular track for The Real Tuesday Weld Me and Mr Wolf, which has about 7 million views on YouTube.

If you had to pick one favourite track, which is it and why?

I think that Beat Bouncing might be the first one, as it’s fun and jaunty and I like that.

This collection of tracks is perfect for storytelling and scene-setting moments, you can listen to and download Super Eight Stardust now on the West One Music Group website.

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