9 Jul 2021

West One Music Group’s charity partner Musiko Musika, an artist-led music education and cultural organisation, is pleased to announce the release of their new Sing Songo app for young children and families to access their fantastic songs and music at home and in nurseries. The app brings all the fun, magic and musical education from the expertly led Musiko Musika’s classes, direct to children, which is needed now more than ever.

West One Music Group understands how music is a powerful tool for learning and improving well-being. The new Sing Songo app helps develop critical speech, language and communication skills which will be essential for children’s future success in life. With a new version release slated for later this month and new songs and features in development all the time, Sing Songo is a wonderful way to bring music into young lives.

Technology has also been central to MM’s work with their ECCO (Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra) this year and with the launch of the ECCO Young Leaders programme the organisation is addressing social and cultural diversity in the music industry by creating career pathways for the ECCO young musicians. Over the past few months, the Young Leaders have been using Logic and other software to create their own music.

Sessions are led by one of MM’s next-generation leaders Addassa Follett who says: “Facilitating sessions with the ECCO Young Leaders and watching them grow in their musical independence has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone has their own individual style and when working in a group together, they can collaborate with their instruments and are developing a wide range of exciting arrangements.”

The Sing Songo app is available for free on Apple and Android for phones and tablets. It’s easy to find and download – just go to the Apple or Android app store and search for Sing Songo.

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