7 Aug 2021
This month we are excited to bring you two original Italian music EPs on our signature label West One Music, a forward-thinking and comprehensive collection of music across all genres. The EPs were recorded in the beautiful hills of Tuscany with the same ensemble, and both have a unique and authentic sound, find out more below.


La Bella Vita Album cover

Italian Songs: La Bella Vita

La Bella Vita represents a lighter, carefree selection of retro yet contemporary Italian songs. It compiles a bright and uplifting collection of upbeat Italian songs with fusion percussion, youthful vocals, and warm instrumentation. Across the EP and within the alternative versions, you’ll find male and female vocal versions of most tracks.

This EP is the perfect partner for positive and carefree promos, travel programming and regional specific placements.



Amore e passione album


Italian Songs: Amore e Passione  

Amore e Passione is a collection of romantic and passionate love songs.

The lyrical content describes longing, missing each other and passionate love. Throughout the tracks, the instrumentation is very typical of Italian ensembles, including accordion, brushed drums and guitar.



All tracks and steams are available to download now, here and here.

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