Spanning 20 years of independent music

19 Oct 2022
This year marks our 20th year anniversary and we’re celebrating in the best way possible - with our fantastic music! Our production and label teams have carefully curated a playlist that spans the past two decades. From way back in the beginning in 2002, to 20 years later, we’ve selected one significant track per year.

Be sure to listen here and find out more about the tracks below…

Our Global CEO, Edwin Cox, picked the first six tracks, all from our very first label created in 2002, West One Music (WOM). West One Music is our signature label and is home to a diverse collection of music, always embracing different genres and programming styles from past to present and future.

Edwin’s six tracks cover a wide range of styles from jazz, promo breakbeats and film score to garage rock, funk and hip hop…



This swinging Jazzy number is the first track on the second-ever West One Music release ‘BlueKey’. The album is filled with smoky piano jazz created and performed by composer Paul Reeves.


This hard-hitting promo track is from our 46th album ‘Livewire, an electrifying album filled with 60-second promo tracks. It features beats, breaks, bass and plenty of chunky fuzz guitar, bringing you a real 90s vibe.


  • 2005 Dreamweaver’, WOM 070 Action Adventure – Richard Harvey

Composed by West One Music co-founder and legendary film and tv composer Richard Harvey, this track builds from a gentle piano and string intro to a full filmic adventure! With a magical and mysterious atmosphere, it’s perfect for scores or trailer soundtracks.

  • 2006 It Lives!, WOM 090 – Garage & Surf Rock Legends – Jeff Coates, Geoffrey Holroyde and Vezio Bacci

Reminiscent of punk and thrash rock garage bands, this track is from a special WOM album featuring plenty of surf rock from the band Jeff Coates and the Hangers.


  • 2007 ‘No Fear’, WOM 240 ‘Hip Hop USA’ – Alexander Wiggins, Sylvester Manning, Felisha Booker, Ronald Agee and Jerome Spence

Featuring killer breaks, epic synths and super-sharp rhymes, this track comes from the first fully-fledged hip-hop album on our WOM label.


Named after the street of our London office, this 1920s-inspired swing track is filled with muted trumpets and spoons and is perfect for upbeat nostalgic programming.

This epic trailer track comes from a sensational remix EP on our renowned Fired Earth Music (FEM) label. Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, FEM collaborates with the world’s finest orchestras, composers and musicians to create high-impact trailer music, from sweeping and dramatic to innovative and experimental.


  • 2010: ‘Chase the Moon’, TSH001 Cinematic Adventures – Richard Harvey

This track is from the first The Scoring House (TSH) album – our label was founded in 2010 by production music legend Peter Cox and producer Amy Little. TSH is famous for its highly inspired compositions and brings together a group of luminaries in the music industry to create timeless works.

Amy Little explains, “I’ve chosen this track as it’s the first track on the very first The Scoring House album and it’s full of magic and adventure. The album is by an awesomely talented and renowned composer, the perfect way to launch our label and set the scene for what was to come.”


  • 2011: ‘Glamour Bubble’, Refuel Music’s Psychedelic Soul Party – Keith Roberts

Amy Little on the track… “Glamour Bubble is up there as one of my favourite tracks on TSH. It captures the psychedelic mood and musical experimentation of the era and is one of the first tracks to catch the ear of Edwin and me when we acquired this incredible catalogue. It’s filled with awesome performances alive with funk, energy and a lot of kitsch. ‘Glamour Bubble’ was later remixed and features on ‘Ultimate Archive Killah Funk Collection’…. go check it out!”


  • 2012 ‘Loop Wash’, EDS 007 Chillwave & Glo-Fi – Israel Medina, Sample Magic and David Felton

2012 saw the creation of Electronic Dance Series (EDS), our label dedicated to pure, high-tempo electronic music on the cutting edge of future trends. This track is taken from an ambient, lo-fi album, filled with warm, evolving and euphoric electronica.


  • 2013: ‘Into the New’, TSH067 Innovation Communication – Mark Revell

Amy Little on choosing the track “It’s an uplifting, industrious track full of hope and optimism. One of the most successful TSH syncs for a LG Mobile advert and another great example of colour and character being released by TSH.”


This is a rousing orchestral track full of inspiration and hope, taken from an album filled with uplifting and emotive orchestral cues.


  • 2015: ‘Tu Calor’, SOO006m Pop Alterlatino – Pablo Caycedo

This track is from our sixth SOMOS album. SOMOS, created in 2015, is dedicated to nurturing a richly diverse artist community across the breadth of Latin America. The label is a vibrant and exciting celebration of truly authentic Latin music recorded locally.

SOMOS producer, Felipe Arevalo comments… “This is a modern approach to traditional music, mixing traditional elements with commercial ones. It was part of the first SOMOS recordings we did in Colombia in 2015.”


  • 2016 ‘Tropix’, EDS 021 Tropical Beats – Laurence Holcombe

Transport yourself to the tropics with this summery feelgood track. Featuring synth melodies, propulsive bass and exciting beats.


  • 2017 ‘Witches’, LAX 009 Adam Prince King EP – Adam Prince King

Adam Prince King was one of the first artists signed to our more commercial, artist-led label, Little Assembly, which launched in 2017 and is home to emerging and independent artists who push boundaries. This EP is lyrically poignant and packed with catchy leftfield pop and the chosen song is a hybrid of electronic, pop and indie – a quintessential Adam Prince King track.



  • 2018 ‘Kiss You’, ZRO 003 Light Up My Life – Alezandria Coldevin and James McCollum       

Upbeat, acoustic indie pop perfectly describes this catchy Zero Degrees (ZRO) song. It features on the third ZRO album which is packed with cheerful female-led indie pop from the Toronto duo. Our Zero Degrees label was created in 2018 and is home to independent Canadian talent across all genres.



Taken from one of our first And Them Some (ATS) albums, this track is an inspiring pop track with empowering vocals about independence and strength. Our ATS label was created in 2019, to represent the latest trends in music across genres reflecting a younger audience.


  • 2020: ‘Spirits of Old’, ACO 01 Japan Action & Inspiration – Victor Fumagalli and Yumo Mashiki

This is the fifth track on our very first Asia Record Collective (ARO) album. ARO was created in 2020 and focuses on bringing the best emerging and established composers and artists from across Asia to our catalogue.

Label Manager and Producer, Felipe Arevalo, shares his thoughts on the track… “It conveys a sense of pride and majesty that worked as a solid opening track to the Asia Record Collective adventure.”


This track is from the first album on our newly created SOMOS MÁS label, which showcases the best of Latin America’s vibrant and inspiring music scene, from award-winning, independent artists.

Label Manager and Producer, Felipe Arevalo, explains… “My selection must be from Diana’s Latin Grammy nominated album ‘Río Abajo’, the first nomination for West One Music Group! I picked this track, which means ‘Dance Away My Sorrow’ because it’s an uplifting track that represents the strength of our artist-led catalogue.”



This track is from an incredible album on our scoring collection label, Real to Reel – designed to support productions with a diverse range of styles from human drama, documentary and true crime. From Cheyenne’s powerhouse vocals to Theodore’s chilled uplifting beats, it’s an inspiring and hopeful gospel pop track.




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