Behind the recording of the album

27 Oct 2022

The latest album on our West One Music label is the fantastic ‘Tension Drama Strings‘ album. It’s packed with propulsive, dramatic string tension cues that are perfectly designed to underscore drama, crime, and investigative programming.

For this album, our Production team collaborated with our German team to find and commission composers from the German, Austrian and Swish regions to compose this album. We were lucky to team up with many fantastic composers on this album, Louis Edlinger, Iva Zabkar, Beda Senn, Christoph Scherbaum, Adam Skinner, Iva Zabkar, Susanne Hardt, Jasmin Reuter and Hanna Lueke.

This album was recorded by a live string quintet, as seen in the making of the album below, this enabled us to achieve a close-up sound with bigger elements behind it, which allowed us to bolster the drama and tension heard beautifully throughout this release.

Check out a short teaser of the album below. All tracks are now available to listen to, download and sync, head to our search site to listen now.

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