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30 Mar 2023
Refuel Music is our retro collection of original vintage music, recorded live during the 60s and 70s. Including recordings from Rediffusion London, its history spans back to what many consider the golden era of library music.

For years, the reels sat undisturbed in the attic of an old office building until West One Music entered the picture. A restoration process began when we revived the full catalog and baked the tapes in a specialized oven to preserve the delicate, decades-old reels that hadn’t been played in ages.


Rediffusion London


Over the course of three years, we released 35 albums on the newly launched Refuel Music label. With albums ranging from lounge and piano cocktail to funkadelia and ragtime, Refuel has tons of feel-good mood music with plenty of kitsch—the perfect choice when searching for an authentic track from decades past.

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