Meet the creatives behind our first Amapiano album

24 Apr 2023

Representing the ‘sound and spirit of South Africa’, this vibrant Amapiano release features killer tracks from South-African-based composers Takunda Mussha and Siphosethu Ngcetane. This Amapiano album, a subgenre of house music that originated in South Africa in the mid-2010s, takes us on a journey through the genre with smooth vocals, driving keys and signature steady grooves.

We spoke to the creatives behind this exciting new Electronic Dance Series (EDS) release to delve into the making of the album…


Can you describe your writing process when creating the tracks?

TAKUNDA: As a producer, my writing process involves a lot of experimentation and creativity. I often start with a drum pattern and build the track from there, adding layers of different sounds and instruments until it feels complete. Ultimately, my goal is to create tracks that resonate with the listener and capture the energy and spirit of Amapiano music.

SETH: A lot of the writing was organic, I chose to let the beat guide me and I stayed true to what emotions it evoked within me.


How did you find the experience of working with us to turn this concept into a reality?

TAKUNDA: Working with West One Music has been a great experience for me. You provided me with the opportunity to be as creative as I wanted to be to bring this album concept to life.

SETH: It has been a very liberating experience working with West One Music on this album. I was granted creative freedom which helped me stay authentic in interpreting the beats into words.


What does Amapiano as a genre mean to you, and how has its rapid growth in global popularity affected the creative community working in the space?

TAKUNDA: To me, Amapiano is a genre that represents the sound and spirit of South Africa. It combines elements of house music, jazz, and traditional African rhythms, creating a unique and exciting sound that is both familiar and fresh.

Amapiano has grown rapidly in popularity around the world, and I think this has had a positive impact on the creative community working in the space. It has provided new opportunities for artists, producers, and DJs, and has helped to spread the sound and culture of South Africa to new audiences around the world. However, I also think it is important to ensure that the genre stays true to its roots and is respectful of the culture and traditions that inspired it.


SETH: To me Amapiano means Heritage, it is the one genre (sub-genre) that we as South Africans can proudly claim as our own. Its success in the international space has cultivated hope for many South African musicians, even hardcore rappers who were ridiculing it in the early stages of its development, who have now started rapping on Amapiano instrumentals.


You can now listen to, download and place any of the tracks on Amapiano by heading to our music catalogue here.

Listen to the album

Amapiano Joyful Celebration

Siphosethu Ngcetane, Takunda Muusha
Joyful Celebration Amapiano (EDS 047, March 29 2023)

Vibrant Amapiano tracks with a steady groove, ranging from punchy and upbeat, to laidback and relaxed.

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