Synchronization at its finest

11 May 2023
Ohio Tourism has launched a new campaign 'Ohio, The Heart of it All' featuring a track from local artist Wesley Bright.

Wesley’s Must Be the Love‘ is the perfect choice for the new Ohio tourism campaign, not only because he is an Akron, Ohio native, but also because his old-school charm, soulful vocals and nostalgic music fit in line with the campaign’s throwback to the state’s slogan in the 80s. You can read the full press release, along with a quote from the State Governor on the official website here.

The track is taken from Wesley’s album ‘Must Be the Love‘ released in February 2022 on our West One Music label. It features a sensational collection of Motown-esque songs brought to life with Wesley’s smooth and heartfelt vocals.

You can listen to the album on all major streaming platforms here and watch the campaign below…

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