From post-apocalyptic USA to the Dragons of Westeros

9 Jun 2023
Our music, created by some of the best emerging and established talent, has been placed in many fantastic TV shows, films, games and adverts over the past six months, here are some of the highlights...

‘The Last Of Us’ – Episode 7 Preview – Max, ‘Awaiting Darkness’ from Black Hydra


Mugler –  Angel Elixir Party Promo, ‘Tremor’ from Oscar Hill and Justin Black


Galaxy Z Flip4 – Samsung Advert, ‘Good Vibes’ from Mosh Party



‘Queer Eye Season 7’, ‘Cheers to A New Me’ from Cheyenne Jolene and Robert W. Lamond


‘Mija’ – Disney Plus, ‘Click Click Pose’ from Jessy Covets and Prong Praison



‘Fuga de Reinas’ – Netflix, ‘Get the Party Started’ from Prong Praison and Robert Lamond



Citroen advert – ‘C3 Aircross in India and South America’,  ‘Love Is The Answer’ from Moa Munoz and Yiannis Anastos-Prastacos and ‘Quick Steps’ from James Wilson


Ohio Tourism has just launched its ‘Ohio, The Heart of it All’ campaign, ‘Must be the Love’ from Wesley Bright


‘Los Minutos Negros’ trailer – Netflix, ‘Deal with the Devil’ from Jonathan Lloyd, Danny Grace and Nathan Coen


‘Manta Manta‘ Trailer, ‘The Conquerer’ from Ching-Shan Chang and Erick DeVore and ‘Gossip’ from Adam Steele



‘Perfect Match’ trailer – Netflix, ‘Pop High’ from Cheyenne Jolene


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