Making our music and tools accessible for all

11 Jul 2023
Check out our accessibility widget in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

We’re proud to be one of the only production music libraries that offer an accessibility widget on our entire website. These tools will help people with disabilities, or who are neurodivergent, to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with our website easier and faster.

As a company, we’re dedicated to creating a community that is inclusive and diverse and we want to ensure that access to our website, music services and resources are open to everyone. Read our full equity, diversity and inclusion statement here.

Our accessibility widget offers various tools and technologies that change the way our website looks to make it more accessible to all our visitors. Our menu offers the following:

  • Contrast – invert the colours, change to light or dark contrast
  • Highlight Links – make links more visible by highlighting them
  • Bigger Text – increase the text size up to four times larger
  • Text Spacing – increase the spacing between letters by up to three times
  • Pause Animations – automatically pause all videos
  • Hide Images – hide all imagery
  • Dyslexia Friendly – change the font
  • Cursor – make the cursor bigger, have a reading mask or guide
  • Tooltips – show alternative text and aria labels for on-screen elements with a simple mouse hover. Tooltips are prominent, high contrast, and easy to read for low-vision users
  • Line Height – change the height of the lines
  • Text Align – align the text, left, right, centred or justified
  • Saturation – saturate the colour on the page to lower or higher or desaturate

We are always open to hearing about ways we can improve our website to make it more accessible, please get in touch if you have suggestions for how we can better our website more user-friendly.

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