Learn about ragas with Sachin

2 Aug 2023
Our Get Authentic video series showcases unique instruments from around the world being expertly played by local composers and musicians.

In our fourth Get Authentic episode, Indian composer Sachin Balashanker, from Chennai in South India, presents his latest album, the ‘Indian Ragas‘. He shares the history and importance of ragas in traditional Indian classical music.

Literally meaning ‘colour or musical tone’ in Sanskrit, a raga is a unique and key feature of traditional Indian classical music and is normally inspired by different moods and times of the day. Each raga provides a melodic framework for the musicians to improvise. A raga can be compared to scales and modes in Western music but interestingly there is no direct translation of a raga in classical European music.

It was a delight to work with Sachin remotely on this exciting new album for our Asia Record Collective label. Indian Ragas is a collection of meditative, swirling, evocative soundscapes and raga tracks drawn from authentic classical Indian music.

Sachin travelled across India working with experienced performers to bring us this unique collection. He composed 12 different compositions in 12 different ragas, each based on a different mood and emotion. The ragas range from meditative to invigorating and passionate.

You’ll hear an array of different instruments throughout the release, such as the flute, bansuri, sarangi, sarod, table and sitar, with vocals performed by Sachin himself.

Keep scrolling to listen to the album and check out the video below…



Within our Get Authentic series, we are delighted to be able to highlight some of the remarkable global talents that we work with. Constantly learning from, and inspired by, musical communities, styles, genres and cultures around the world. We work collaboratively with composers, artists, and musicians to create meaningful albums that resonate not only in production quality but reflect the true nature of the inspiration behind them.

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