Senior Creative Services Manager Sam discusses how he helps find the perfect tracks for Netflix's hit reality dating show

3 Oct 2023

Season 5 of Netflix’s hit reality dating show Love is Blind is in full swing. And while the drama between couples always takes centre stage, there’s one topic that never fails to grab viewers’ attention: the music.

Viewers have noticed the music that accompanies a scene—whether it be a blossoming love connection in the pods, or a disagreement between a couple while they try to combine their lives—is always spot on. The lyrics not only seem to narrate the scene perfectly, but the songs themselves are also incredibly catchy. They’re left wondering where these songs are coming from, and that’s where we step in!

Our vast library of production music lends itself perfectly to reality TV, and because we work with a talented group of composers, from across the world, our tracks are always on trend. Our Senior Creative Services Manager Sam Goldner works with Love is Blind‘s music supervisor Jon Ernst to sift through our catalogue and find the right songs.

“Our process for Love is Blind is actually pretty unique,” says Sam. “Ernst and his team are really interested in creating lyric-specific moments covering very acute emotional beats.”

Sam then dives into the catalogue looking for tracks that fit the sound of the show while skimming lyrics to make sure they fit.

“It can be a time-consuming process, but I think it really comes through in the final product, especially since people have started noticing how amazingly on-the-nose all the music is,” he says.

Luckily, we’ve deployed a number of helpful features on the website, like our “Find Similar AI” search tool and BPM/key signature toggling that makes Sam’s searching much more efficient.

“Sometimes I can put together a big batch of playlists in a few hours, while other times it can take a couple of days to collect and upload everything,” says Sam. “I always include stems so the editors can play around with different versions of the tracks.”

Even though Sam knows ahead of time which of our songs get picked up by the show, he never ceases to light up when he hears our tracks while watching a new season.

“It’s a funny effect for me in particular because I know all these songs so intimately, but it’s not like anybody else knows these songs, really,” he says. “I’ll be singing along as if they’re classic Top 40 hits and my wife will be looking at me like I’ve gone insane.”

When asked why he thinks folks are so interested in the music in Love is Blind, Sam credits Ernst’s dedication to creating big musical moments that require the audience to listen to the music as part of the scene rather than just background filler.

“I think it especially works on dating shows like Love is Blind because you’re sort of laughing at it as much as you’re laughing with it, and the music really helps to heighten the campy, over-the-top drama of it all,” Sam says.

New episodes of Love is Blind drop on 13th October 2023. You can hear our tracks from Season 5 of Love is Blind here and listen to our Spotify playlist here. Check out all of our reality TV music in our curated collection here.

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