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5 Dec 2023
Our November and December releases feature epic Guitar Rock, traditional Thai sounds, Foley Sound Effects, tensions builds, haunting dark trailer songs and much more. Check out our latest production music releases below...

DYNAMITE -ALEXZA Welcome to the Big Show

Dwayne Grant, Alexza, Vanessa Simpson, Melvin Brown , Edward Swinburne
Hip Hop
Welcome to the Big Show DYNAMITE -ALEXZA (LAS 045, 28/11/23)

Strutting, fiery Pop from emerging artist Alexza and producer V-Notes. It features bold brass, punchy beats, and attitude-fueled vocals.

FOLEY II Quick Flashing Paparazzi Cameras

Miket Gallagher
Sound Design
Quick Flashing Paparazzi Cameras FOLEY II (FEM 070, 30/11/23)

Our second collection of Foley sound effects are designed to enhance visual content in TV and Film. t features a range of sounds, including cameras, crowds, glass shattering, guns, phone alerts, and many more.

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