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Immersive Soundscapes

Immersive Soundscapes is a beautiful soundscapes album packed with emotive, uplifting, and reflective production music. From tranquil and uplifting, to pulsating and reverberating, this is an all-absorbing and compelling sound experience and perfect for atmospheric and emotive productions and media.

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Alexander Gray, Robert White

Performed and programmed by: Alexander Gray, Robert White
Mastering by Tim Debney for Fluid Mastering
Produced by Peter Cox
Artwork by: Rod Steele for Music Design



  1. A TIMELESS TRANQUILLITY – Peaceful, reflective introspection
  2. CRYSTAL STILLNESS – Crystalline, static vistas
  3. SEA OF DREAMS – Gentle, meandering sound textures
  4. TIDES OF SERENITY – Tranquil, uplifting perceptions
  5. THE ART OF GLASS – Gentle, sweeping reflections
  6. ON TIMELESS WAVES – Surging, serene perspectives
  7. THE SKY ABOVER – Lofty, mesmeric suspensions
  8. TIMELESSNESS – Drifting, calm suspensions
  9. GLIMPSE THE INFINITE – Distant, drifting soundscape
  10. DROPLETS OF SERENITY – Tranquil, unfolding scenescapes
  11. WIDE BLUE BEYOND – Soothing, lingering panoramas
  12. THE LIGHT OF LIFE – Uplifting, tranquil emergence
  13. DAWN OF SERENITY – Gentle, hypnotic mind journeys
  14. HIDDEN WONDERS – Delicate, fragile, sound textures
  15. THE LIGHT OF PURITY – Serene, uplifting emergence
  16. UNCLOUDED THOUGHTS – Calm, mesmerising soundscape
  17. CASCADE OF LIGHT – Delicate, shimmering, sound patterns
  18. SHARDS OF SUNLIGHT – Restful, immersive textures.
  19. REVERBERATIONS OF TIME – Pulsating, reverberant, sound reflections


TAGS: Atmospheres, Soundscapes, Documentary, Nature / Wildlife, Sky, Floating, Panoramic, Science / Technology, Beautiful, Textures, Ethereal, Light

MOODS: Emotive, Peaceful, Sparse, Calm, Tranquil, Reflective, Delicate, Serene, Uplifting, Relaxed, Dreamy, Beautiful, Ethereal,



Alexander Gray: Alex has enjoyed more than 25 successful years in the music industry as an artist, performer and producer. Alex’s classical training as a violinist underscores a career spanning production, feature film scores, advertising and DJing. Alex began his professional career as keyboard player for Edwyn Collins, continuing as a session keyboard player for Billy McKenzie, EMF, Buster and going on to found his bands Babyfox and Mighty Truth. For the last 15 years, Alex has been exclusively studio based as a producer, pop songwriter, composer of music to picture and production music. Recent feature film commissions include “Still” starring Aiden Gillen. As a producer and songwriter he has enjoyed chart success writing for artists including Bo Sarris, Ladyhawke and Will Young.



When Alex and Bob start talking about a new production music project, they don’t always have an exact idea about the shape and form, preferring instead to allow the creative flow to find its own path. In this sense, Immersive Soundscapes was much the same, although both wanted to allow themselves room for something really expansive and different to what they had written together on previous collaborations. Specifically, they felt the key was to aim to keep the rhythmic elements extremely simple and weave layers of fragile string movement against the guitar and electronic elements.

In the words of Bob “We’re both very excited by what has resulted from this new approach and feel this new collection of compelling and Immersive Soundscapes production music provides unlimited potential syncs across documentaries, nature and science and technology – the potential applications and usages are as unlimited as the vistas it conjures.”


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This 19-track compelling sound experience album, Immersive Soundscapes, including stems, is now available to listen to and download on the West One Music Group search site. All tracks are cleared and ready to place in your upcoming documentary or production today. Just simply register for an account or login to your existing account and download and sync the best atmospheric music to bring your production to life.

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