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Emotive Syntheseis is an album filled with futuristic, mysterious, and synthesizer production music. The tracks range from tense and suspenseful production music to dreamy and reflective production music. All tracks set an atmospheric and otherwordly mood perfect for technology and sci-fi focused programming.

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Nick Harvey


Nick Harvey’s initial inspiration for Emotive Synthesis was the Oscar Winning soundtrack to Pixar’s Soul – a synthesizer based score of light pulses and arpeggios underpinned with pads and ethereal soundscapes that, helped by the addition of ‘real’ instruments – piano and/or strings – has genuine heart, emotion, and character. There was also a film on Netflix called Next Gen that had some good references in a similar style.

At the time Nick had just finished working on a documentary about Stirling Moss that featured both synths and traditional instruments (with synth motion utilised heavily to score the race footage) so Nick knew that cues of this ilk could work for scoring.

An original idea for the album title was Synths in Motion due to the early tracks all having pulses or arpeggios, but as the album developed, the newer tracks went from being light and bouncy to developing into more dramatic territory – from tense and dark to atmospheric and sad, not dissimilar to some of The Social Network cues.

Think of the album as musically capturing a robot with feelings.



Performed & programmed by: Nick Harvey

Mastering by Tim Debney for Fluid Mastering

Produced by Peter Cox

Artwork by: Rod Steele for Music Design



1. THE ENGINES OF CHANGE – Steady, pulsing momentum

2. IN TRANSIT – Smooth, pulsing movement

3. DISTANT REMEMBRANCE – Dreamy, floating recollections

4. THE STARS LOOK DOWN – Visionary, uplifting vistas

5. ELECTRONIC DREAMS – Soaring, peaceful, mind journeys

6. A SOLITARY QUEST – Restless, uneasy mood, gradually building

7. CRYSTAL GLIDE – Calm, unhurried flow

8. A SEA OF MEMORIES – Surging, emotive sound waves

9. TO SOAR ABOVE – Futuristic, elevating textures

10. THE HORIZON OF HOPE – Suspended, anticipatory opening, gradually building

11. THE DREAM OF FLYING – Lofty, drifting, dissolves

12. LOFTY AMBITIONS – Aspirational, far-sighted designs

13. ON WAVES OF CALM – Gentle, timeless journeying

14. ANGEL FALLS – Delicate, ethereal beauty, gradually building

15. BUILDING EXCITEMENT – Gradually rising tension and expectation

16. REVEALING THE LIGHT – Gradual, uplifting awakening

17. DROPLETS OF BEAUTY – Flowing, graceful development

18. DREAMS INTO ACTION – Peaceful, hypnotic textures gradually gathering pace

19. TO JOURNEY BEYOND Smooth, hypnotic momentum

20. THE TIDE OF FEAR – Ominous, foreboding, scenescape

21. HIS ONLY CHANCE – Gradually building, unsettling momentum

22. INTO THE ETHER – Continuous, ethereal, electronic pulse

23. THE DISTANT STARS – Drifting, mysterious horizons

24. OUTLOOK CLEAR – Light, assured positivity

25. TRAVELS THROUGH TIME – Constant, journeying time pulse

26. THE ONSET OF FEAR – Unsettling, disturbing, undercurrents gradually building

27. CLEAR BLUE VIEW – Uplifting, lofty panoramas

28. THE ENGINE OF PROGRESS – Suspended introduction to gradually emerging pulse

29. A DARK MOMENTUM – Restless, disturbing undercurrents

30. UNCLOUDED SKIES – Composed, unfolding panoramas

31. MYSTERIOUS UNDERCURRENTS – Disquieting, unnerving scenesetter

32. VIRTUAL REALITY – Sparking, tranquil ambience

33. UNCHARTED FUTURE – Tense, expectant, uncertainty gradually building

34. OUTCOME UNPREDICTABLE – Uneasy, anticipatory atmosphere

35. ALIEN DESCENT – Otherworldly scene-setter, gradually evolving

36. TAKING SHAPE – Angular, rhythmical patterns, gradually building

37. FRAGILITY OF LIFE – Thought-provoking, underlying, anxiety

38. QUIET CONFIDENCE – Unhurried, self-assured positivity


Famous for its highly inspired compositions, The Scoring House brings together a group of luminaries and virtuosos in the music industry to create timeless works.

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  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • City
  • Human Environment
  • Futurisitc
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Science Fiction
  • Urban Drama
  • Design Beds
  • Sound Design
  • Fashion Style
  • Human Drama
  • Aerial
  • Clouds
  • Heavenly
  • Celestial
  • Space
  • Outer Space


  • Mysterious
  • Restless
  • Suspenseful
  • Tense
  • Intense
  • Atmospheric
  • Ethereal
  • Concerned
  • Determined
  • Electronic
  • Serious
  • Confident
  • Exciting
  • Powerful
  • Strong
  • Ambient
  • Emotional
  • Pulsing
  • Passionate
  • Dreamy
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxed
  • Graceful
  • Emotional
  • Serious
  • Solemn
  • Thoughtful
  • Graceful
  • Hopeful
  • Intimate
  • Reflective
  • Romantic
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