Dominique Gilbert is a London-based singer, songwriter, producer, composer and mixer of various genres of music from modern pop productions, and cinematic tracks to intimate neo-classical styles. Dominique’s current artist project can be found under DMNIQ.

Dominique has collaborated with multiple successful TV and film composers including Christian Reindl and Gavin Luke and worked with leading sync agencies and production companies. Her music can be heard on the likes of Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Showtime and more. Known particularly for her unique vocal style, she also writes, produces and mixes for upcoming artists.

As an LGBTQ composer and artist herself, Dominique wants to empower other women and those of less-represented groups to produce themselves. Dominique wants to help raise awareness surrounding this discrepancy to help create a more fair gender balance within the music industry, in particular for composer, producer and engineer roles.

Dominique also suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) which was partly the reason for her journey into music. She wants to raise awareness around the struggles of working in the music industry with health conditions like ME and the importance of finding a work-life balance.

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