West One Music Group's EDI statement

We are a global music company focused on bringing visuals to life with our diverse and authentic music catalogue. Since 2002 we have been investing in new music and building a team of worldwide talent and staff members who have collaborated to make us who we are today.   

We are dedicated to creating a professional community that is inclusive and diverse. We strive for every member of our global team and every member of our global creative community to feel a sense of belonging and be treated equally and with dignity.   

We believe in each person being respected and appreciated for their unique talents, circumstances, language, background culture, gender, physicality, sexuality, creativity and way of working. We respect the diverse cultural journeys that each place in the world has been through. We respect that the land on which each of us stands has history and must be respected.   

Each person and their individual collection of attributes is welcome and we actively seek to diversify our teams and community of music makers by ensuring we are conscious of our biases in any part of our business and taking active steps to overcome these. Making music at WOMG is the heart of our business. We create with care and dedication and each of our musical projects receives our heartfelt attention. Ultimately, our clients benefit from our highly skilled, committed production values that exist in our talent community as well as our internal production team members.

When we make decisions, we strive to include the people impacted by the actions we take.    

As people, we celebrate the differences between us, understanding that a diverse team is a rich, varied and valuable team.   

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