Production music is music that is specially produced to work with media, whether it be in-show, a documentary, TV ad, YouTube or social media clip and more. It is easy to synchronise to picture in terms of edit points, and is also available without vocals, particular instrumentation and underscores. It is sometimes also known as stock music or library music.

It is simple to obtain a licence to use a production music track as most production music companies own all the rights needed for you to use a track or tracks anywhere in the world.

There are many terms used that often create confusion. Royalty free music means that for the initial user, there is an up-front fee and then once purchased, that piece of music can be used as many times as needed forever. However, totally royalty free music doesn’t pay any royalties back to composers or artists. Production music does pay royalties to the composers and artists, usually via the local music society networks. This royalty opportunity for the creative talent facilitates a more sustainable ecosystem.

Custom music is music that is specially commissioned to your brief for a specific use, whether it be a film, TV ad, audio branding, documentary and more.

You can license our tracks for any use, all over the world. You just need to let our team know whether it is, for example, a video for YouTube, a documentary or a commercial.

Creating an account with West One Music is free, but you will need a license to use the music in your production. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific pricing and to get a licence to use our music.

To make it as easy as possible, we have a price list that starts at just £99.

If you have any questions about licensing costs, please do get in touch with us.

If your company has a blanket music licence agreement in place either with us or your local rights society, then it’s possible that you may be able to use our music under those agreements. However, you may still need to get a licence from us depending on the type of production you are working on. Please do contact us or your music department if you have any questions.

A cue sheet contains the copyright information for the tracks that have been used in a TV show, documentary or film and enables the right artists and composers to get paid. Some cue sheets are manually completed by the production teams and some broadcasters use advanced technology to complete them, but they all follow a standard structure that is used worldwide.

You can find the information you need for your cue sheet by hovering over the “i” icon next to the track on our web site.

Our music is for professional use only and needs to be licensed and paid for before use. An account offers the ability to create projects and download our music in various formats. Registering for an account will instantly connect you with your local West One Music Group office.

Yes, you can search and listen to any of the tracks without setting up an account. If you would like to download any tracks, however, you will need to set up an account.

Just click on the ‘Register’ link at the top of this page and complete your details. For instant support you can click on the ‘Chat’ icon on the bottom of this page to talk to our team.

All registrations are picked up by your local team and are approved as quickly as possible during working hours. Please do get in touch directly if you’d like to follow up on the approval of your account.

The best way to get started is to type keywords (e.g. mood, genre, instrument, programme type) into the search bar and press enter! This can be single words or any combination. For advanced search, please visit our ‘How To’ guide.

Yes, to search by lyrics, select the advanced search cog.

To add tracks to your projects simply click the ‘+’ icon next to any track.

If you can’t get into your account, please do get in touch with our team either by phone, email or by using the live chat icon below.

You can download tracks as MP3, WAV and AIFF files. Stems are also available on request.

Yes, please do contact our teams if you would like to access stems or to request a remix.

Advertising runs on most videos that use rights-protected music. In most cases, we can remove these ads if you let us know the YouTube channel ID and video URL. Please provide 48 hours’ notice for the ads to be removed.

If you need to remove the ads on your video, please get in touch with our team with the YouTube channel ID and video URL.

Content ID is YouTube’s automated system that enables copyright owners to identify and control the use of their music on YouTube.

All our tracks can be used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as long as you have the correct licence in place. Please get in touch with our team for any licensing requests.

Yes, all our music is available on Apple and Spotify, plus many other streaming and subscription platforms.

Yes. Search for West One Music Group in the Adobe store and you can download our plugin for free.

Yes, please get in touch with our team if you would like access to Avid-compatible bins and hard drives.

We’re always on the lookout for new music from exciting artists and composers around the world. Please send over a streaming link featuring a few tracks in your best style, alongside a bit of information about yourself to a&r@westonemusic.com. We look forward to listening!

We work with artists and composers from all corners of the world, creating every kind of music imaginable to the highest standards. Explore our catalogue to find out more.

All our vacancies are listed on our LinkedIn page here.

You can apply by following the link on LinkedIn or by emailing jobs@westonemusic.com with your resume/CV and cover letter.

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