Karo Moralyan

Karo Moralyan is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Los Angeles, CA. Karo provides music for multiple music libraries and works on bespoke briefs/requests for companies, brands, and industry clients. Karo started his musical career on YouTube, where he posted videos of his original beats as “Ak Beats.” Karo’s beats almost immediately garnered significant YouTube views—including viral moment with his violin instrumental amassing over 3 million views.

Given his solo success, Karo ultimately expanded his work by collaborating with local rappers in Los Angeles. Through one such collaboration, Karo produced the song “That’s My Shit” (released by rapper/artist Dyve)—which captured the attention of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Recently, his work with artist Mia Mormino was featured in a trailer for a Netflix show. His songs were also used in select TV spots and even by the LA Kings hockey team. By combining his experience and extensive knowledge in beat-making, the sound design of electronic music, and the song structures of pop music, Karo brings a fresh and unique perspective to any musical project in which he is involved

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