La Mojarra Electrica

This extraordinary 12-piece creates an eclectic mix of Afrobeats and traditional Colombian music.

Born in 2001, with the intention of expanding Colombia’s African roots, La Mojarra Electrica is conducted by musician Jacobo Vélez. Firmly rooted in traditions specific to Colombian coastal towns and regions, from the ‘bullerengue’, the ‘chalupa’, and the ‘aguabajo’ from Guapi, Timbiqui and Turnaco on the Pacific side, through the region of Cauca to towns with a rich musical history on the Atlantic coast, such as San Basílio de Palenque.

The unique aquatic element of La Mojarra’s sound is produced by the ‘marimba de chonta’, a traditional instrument passed-down over generations. La Mojarra also fuses elements of Afro-American Jazz music and powerful salsa hits from New York, with their Colombian tapestry.


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