Toño Barrio

Toño Barrio is a Colombian salsa band with over 15 years of experience. Known for their innovative format and their alternative lineup of some of Colombia’s top performers. The band blends classic salsa with upcoming trends, resulting in original and energetic content, rich in social-cultural influences. As a part of an effort to reach more global audiences, Toño Barrio released ‘El Plan Perfecto’, a 6 track EP in collaboration with SOMOS MÁS, West One Music’s label focused on independent Latin American music.

‘El Plan Perfecto’ holds multiple stories of contemporary daily life, ranging from female empowerment to absolute dancefloor anthems. With special guests like ‘El Guajiro’ from Ghetto Kumbé (El Plan Perfecto) and a full joint feature with Colombian salsa powerhouse La-33, ‘El Plan Perfecto’ is set to be one of the strongest tropical releases of 2021.

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