12 Aug 2020

Full of energy, funk and sass, the latest release on our And Then Some label Power Pop is a collection of 11 empowering feelgood songs.

The incredible voice and creator behind some of the tracks on the album is Los Angeles based Cheyenne Jolene, aka BodaciousThang. With powerful vocals, infectious groove beats and catchy lyrics this album is the perfect soundtrack to positive and upbeat programming across all types of media.

We were lucky enough to speak to the insanely talented BodaciousThang about her tracks and how the women in her life inspired her.


What was the inspiration behind the album? 

Lyrically, I was definitely inspired by all the strong women in my life, like my mom, sister, and close friends. We also started this project at the beginning of the pandemic so writing about being strong, taking control of your life, and loving myself – it really helped me to stay sane. As far as reputable artists go, I was inspired a lot by Lizzo & Big Freida. Strong, super energetic voices. Go-getter, empowering lyrics.


This album was created during lockdown due to COVID-19, how did you go about recording your tracks? What was your creative process and how did it differ from how you’ve worked in the past?

I recorded these tracks at my moms’ house, in a closet with no door and a window that wouldn’t shut in Kansas City. The creative process was very different. We also did everything remotely due to the pandemic. I had never done that before.  I actually still haven’t met Robbie, the producer who did all the tracks. I hope that changes soon! Also, I had never written music like this prior to this album. I’ve always wanted to though and I loved every second of it.


What is your favourite track on the album?

Hmmm, my favourite track would have to be between “Make You Jump” and “Do it Louder”. They make me want to dance the most and I LOVE to dance haha.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – when and how did you get into music? Who was your mentor or inspiration?

I started performing at age 4 at my father’s church where he pastored in North Carolina. I didn’t start to take music seriously until I met Lisa Henry, a jazz vocalist extraordinaire from Kansas City. She taught me to be tough, gave me the opportunity to book gigs at a young age and made me a lot more humble haha.


Photo credit to Dancefloormurder.

Power Pop is available to listen to, download and sync now on the West One Music website now.

As always, get in touch with someone at West One Music if you want to sync any of the tracks on this album, we’re here to help with any different versions that you may need.


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