ANTI is out today on all major streaming platforms on our SOMOS label

18 Feb 2022
Out today across all major streaming platforms, ANTI is the debut Reggaeton and Latin Trap EP from emerging Colombian singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Juan Contento a.k.a JVENENO.

Currently based in London, UK but born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, JVENENO has been exposed to two very contrasting music scenes, sounds, rhythms, and production styles. With these contrasting influences, he experiments with rich rhythms and melodies, heavily influenced by Colombian music and fuses them with sounds of modern British pop production techniques.

This exciting and contemporary release also focuses on the influence of hip hop and rap in South American music.

Expect strong vocals, driving beats and percussive elements, with some special guest appearances from exciting emerging Spanish artists.

ANTI is JVENENO’s first EP and is released today (18th February 2022) by West One Music Group’s Latin American focused music label, SOMOS.

ANTI is available to listen to and sync on the West One Music Group catalogue via our SOMOS label under the title Beat Latinx.

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