Musiio by SoundCloud will automate tagging of entire catalogue

15 Jul 2022

West One Music Group is delighted to announce our new partnership with Musiio by SoundCloud, the artificial intelligence company at the forefront of machine learning technology. Musiio will automate tagging of our entire catalogue of more than 80,000 tracks using its artificial intelligence technology. The deal marks Musiio’s expanded presence in the UK market.

This means music categorization of West One Music’s entire catalogue will be streamlined and ensures the taxonomy is consistent and easy to digest for out clients – empowering partners such as Disney, Netflix, Paramount+ and Warner Media to discover the right music as efficiently as possible.

Founded in 2018 in Singapore, Musiio’s unique AI technology “listens’ ‘ to audio files one by one and provides rich musical metadata to the catalogue, including genre, mood, key, bpm, energy and more — with an accuracy of 90+%. Most recently, in May 2022, Musiio was acquired by SoundCloud, a next-generation music entertainment company. Alongside amplifying SoundCloud’s existing music intelligence capabilities, Musiio’s AI solutions continue to be available globally for labels, sync companies and publishers to leverage.

“Musiio’s AI technology aims to offer a solution to the laborious, time-intensive tagging processes that pain the music industry and are often prone to error,” said Hazel Savage, VP Music Intelligence, SoundCloud. “We’re thrilled to automate the tagging process for West One Music, and expand our solution to even more extensive music collections and partners across the UK.”

“It’s clear that the continued development of AI and machine learning presents new opportunities for our catalogue, writer community and clients. We’re delighted to be partnering with Hazel and the Musiio Team as part of our long-term tech strategy and focus on providing the most efficient client experience.” Maria Scott, Global Head of Operations


The deal was announced on Music Week 15/07/22

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