Get to know Guido, Otto & Nicholas

2 Nov 2022
We're putting the spotlight on Guido, Otto and Nicholas who look after our German, Austrian and Swiss regions. We spoke to all three to find out more about their career and roles at West One Music.


Tell me a bit about yourself – where do you come from? What is your past job experience and how did you end up at WOMG?

I studied arts & graphic design in San Francisco before going into International Business Management and Marketing at Mannheim University. After my degree I entered the world of B2C TV marketing, where I stayed for many years working at Sat.1 (now called Seven.One), Walt Disney Channels and Sony Pictures Television – leading the marketing, creative and promotional teams and launching such shows as Breaking Bad S5 (for SPT) across Europe.

Following on from my time in TV marketing & promotion, I went back to Disney for another 4 years – leading the franchises Mickey & Minnie, Tinkerbell, Disney Baby and Winnie the Pooh and successfully launching such retail campaigns as Star Wars 7 and Frozen across all European Disney Stores. It was during my various roles at Disney, that we would often use West One Music tracks for promotional / brand campaigns.

I joined West One Music as Sales & Marketing Director for GSA, the Netherlands & Eastern Europe six years ago – building on my relationships with TV & Media clients across GSA & Europe. I used to be a client for West One Music, therefore clearly understand what clients are looking for in music and with uncomplicated rights clearances. It was the team and the high quality of the music catalogue that impressed me immediately.


What do you do at WOMG?

I manage the GSA & Poland markets at and converse daily with clients for direct licenses, and blanket deals, prep playlists on brief and develop distribution and sales strategies. Ideally meeting clients in person to talk shop and music. Attend industry events and conferences and sponsor the above e.g. MIP, Promax, Eyes & Ears, or the Film Music Festival in Krakow. We host industry dinners or organise intimate client events with one of our artists or bands performing (e.g. Gem & the Deadheads) so clients can meet our artists personally.



What’s your favourite track or album on the WOMG catalogue?

There are too many to list, but here are just a few:


Tell us a fun fact or something interesting about you.

I once ended up at a table in NYC having dinner and drinks with Liza Minelli and Jeremy Irons until the early hours!


Tell me a bit about yourself – where do you come from? What is your past job experience and how did you end up at WOMG? 

I originally produced sports trailers for television and was a client of West One Music. After a short meeting, I must have made a good impression as I was asked to move to London – something I couldn’t say no to!


What do you do at WOMG? 

Phew, where to start… I provide music and licensing! As well as business/strategy consulting for ongoing and upcoming (media) projects. I manage relationships with broadcasters, production companies, ad agencies, collecting societies and other clients. I also recommend music recommendations for movies, advertising, shows, trailers, corporate films, etc. All in all, I’m there when music is needed.


What is your favourite track or album on the WOMG catalogue?

That’s a difficult question because I come across music I don’t know every day when I search for music in our catalogue. However, I would say ‘Emotion & Intrigue’ is the one I recommend most often and ‘Art House Cinema’ is the one I play personally the most.


Fun fact or something interesting about you? 

I am a complete film nut and – as some would say – a walking encyclopedia in the field. Ask me something!




Tell me a bit about yourself – where do you come from? What is your past job experience and how did you end up at WOMG? 

I’m half German, half Scottish (yes I have a Kilt and a pair of Lederhosen!). I was born and raised in Munich but spent several terms going to school in Scotland. After school, I started studying Hotel Management but soon realised that the hospitality industry wasn’t what I was looking for. One obligatory year abroad in New Zealand later, I began working as an Assistant Audio Engineer at EXIT-Studios in Munich and started my studies at the Deutsche Pop. This gave me the opportunity to finish my Bachelors in London, the city I grew to love, and where luckily, I was able to extend my time living in by doing my Masters in Westminster. Towards the end of 2019, I joined West One Music Group and have loved working with Guido and Otto in the London office ever since.


What do you do at WOMG? 

In my role as a Music and Licensing Consultant, I have the great pleasure to work with all sorts of big and small companies in the creative world. My main job is to help our clients find the perfect music for their projects. This can be anything from a documentary about the People living in the Bavarian Alps to an advert for a north German manufacturer.


What’s your favourite track or album on the WOMG catalogue?

This is a tricky one as our catalogue keeps growing and with over 80.000 tracks, I still come across tracks I’ve never heard of before. However, if I must choose, I’d say the EP ‘Euphorie’. Not only because I was very much involved in its creation, but also because I think it really showcases the talent we have in the German Speaking World – and of course, it has some very catchy tunes!


What’s a fun fact or something interesting about you?

I love photography and when I have some time off you’ll find me running around London with my camera in hand, looking for a puddle to get those reflection shots.

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