February releases available to download and license now

7 Mar 2023
Featuring hyped-up Hip Hop, Funky Latin, positive indie and plenty more, check out our February production music releases below...

El Sonido del Tambor El Sonido Del Tambor

Luis Enrique Gaitn
El Sonido Del Tambor El Sonido del Tambor (SMAS 006, 2023)

Powerful and energetic Latin funk, soul and beats by Colombia's flagship band La Mojarra Eléctrica. Strong vocals, Afro-Latin percussion, punchy drums, slappy bass, electric guitars, rich horn sections, and fast-moving pianos and keys. Influenced by Colombian folklore like Cumbia, Bullerengue and Chirrímia from the Atlantic and the Pacific coast.

Boss Pop No Hands

Robert W Lamond
No Hands Boss Pop (WOM 638, 2023)

Hard-hitting, attitude-fuelled Pop featuring confident vocals, punchy beats, and catchy hooks.

Hip Hop Hype Work

Jonathan M Gorenc
Hip Hop
Work Hip Hop Hype (ATS 041, 2023)

Intense, energy-fuelled Hip Hop. Features raw male vocals, driving beats and epic brass stabs.

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