Learn about the Tres with Efráin Rios

13 Mar 2023
Our Get Authentic video series showcases unique instruments from around the world being expertly played by local composers and musicians.

In our third Get Authentic episode, Cuban composer, artist and producer Efráin Rios shines the light on the Cuban Tres.

Efráin showcases his skill as a maestro Tres player, which is a three-course chordophone of Cuban origin. Its sound is a central characteristic of Cuban Son, a style of Afro-Cuban music that forms the bedrock for most forms of Salsa and Latin jazz music.

Check out Efráin in his element below. Watch out for Team Production’s Nathan and Felipe who spoke to Efráin about the Tres and recorded him playing (and composing) on a handful of SOMOS releases. Keep scrolling to listen to and find out more about these albums.



We had the pleasure of recording the above video in Havana, Cuba a few years ago. It was part of a very fruitful week-long recording session with local and Colombian-based artists, which resulted in four SOMOS albums! You can read more about our trip to Cuba in our SOMOS Goes to Cuba blog.

Efráin can be heard playing the Cuban Tres in two SOMOS albums, Percussion Cubana and Antologia de Cuba.

Percussion Cubana is a comprehensive study of Cuban rhythms and displays vibrant percussion giving the listener an unapologetic and infectious sense of joy.

The second album, Antologia de Cuba pays homage to more traditional Cuban sounds and is filled with positivity and playfulness. Efráin’s quirky instrumentation and melodies complement the tracks’ often comical and mischievous storytelling.

Scroll down to listen to the albums.




Within our Get Authentic series, we are delighted to be able to highlight some of the remarkable global talents that we work with. Constantly learning from, and inspired by, musical communities, styles, genres and cultures around the world. We work collaboratively with composers, artists, and musicians to create meaningful albums that resonate not only in production quality but reflect the true nature of the inspiration behind them.

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Antologia de Cuba Besito de piquito

Efráin Rios
Besito de piquito Antologia de Cuba (SOO 032, 2019)

Recorded in the heart of La Havana with world-renowned Cuban Tres player Efraín Ríos, Antología de Cuba is a colourful and uplifting collection of Cuban songs in traditional styles. Featuring vocals and playful performances.

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