In collaboration with ProduceHER songwriting camp

28 Mar 2023

We are proud to present Pop Feels, our latest Pop release in collaboration with ProduceHER. It’s a cutting-edge album of Trap and Pop songs with a dreamy, upbeat Pop-centred aesthetic.

Run out of Miami, we were proud to support the ProduceHER songwriting camp, created by successful producers and creatives Jessy Covets and Chelly Jane. The initiative saw 12 writers collaborating over two jam-packed days to create 10 tracks for a brief from our Production team.

“ProduceHER was designed to encourage camaraderie and collaboration between creatives that may not have crossed paths outside of our camps” the pair explains, “we curate top-tier talent from each city and interview every single applicant to get a feel for their energy and professionalism. It is important to us to provide an atmosphere that is safe, enjoyable and productive.”

A close dialogue between our Production team and ProduceHER creatives meant that the artists benefitted from insights into the entire process of making an album; from working to a brief, receiving demo feedback, and having their tracks mixed and mastered in our world-class facilities.

Jessy and Chelly said that “West One Music provided quality communication, professionalism and consistency from the beginning until the end. We are so grateful to have shared this experience with them.”

 Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album below…


Pop Feels After This

Jessica Covetskie, Alexis Nicole, Michelle S. Guillermo Ojeda
After This Pop Feels (WOM 641, March 29 2023)

Cutting-edge Trap & Pop with a dreamy, upbeat pop-centred aesthetic. Created in collaboration with ProduceHER.Cutting-edge Trap & Pop with a dreamy, upbeat pop-centred aesthetic. Created in collaboration with ProduceHER.

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