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Live Life Happy 2

Live Life Happy 2 is a feelgood follow up to the popular The Scoring Houserelease Live Life Happy. It’s a production music album filled with feelgood, uplifting acoustic Pop. This bright, happy-go-lucky production music album is perfect for children’s storytelling, daytime TV, light entertainment, family-friendly advertising and productions.

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Glyn Owen
Robert White
Mark Revell
James. Graydon
James Nisbet
David Ware
Robin Datta
Andrew Allen

Performed & programmed by the composers
Mastering by Tim Debney for Fluid Mastering
Produced by Peter Cox
Artwork by: Rod Steele for Music Design


  1. BREAKTIME – Happy, carefree, upbeat stomp
  2. SKIP STEPPING – Bright, catchy skip along
  3. FUNSHINE BOUNCE – Playful, upbeat cheerfulness
  4. BOURBON BEAT – Bright, catchy swingalong
  5. LET TIME ROLL BY – Easy-going, relaxed moments
  6. THE LIGHT SIDE OF LIFE – Relaxed, assured headway
  7. PROMISE OF TOMORROW – Optimistic, positive resolve
  8. OF TIDES AND TIMES – Gentle, drifting guitar and piano muse
  9. HERE COMES SUMMER – Light-hearted, optimistic promise
  10. ACTION PACK – Driving, guitar driven riff
  11. SUN AND SAND – Carefree, Caribbean setting
  12. DOWN SUNLIT TRAILS – Relaxed, unhurried time
  13. LOOK TO THE SUN – Light, uplifting mood, gradually building
  14. ROLLING ALONG – Catchy, upbeat motif featuring hand claps
  15. DANDELION DAYS – Easy, unhurried mood
  16. HAPPY CLAPS – Upbeat, catchy happiness featuring hand claps
  17. PLANNING OUR FUTURE – Uplifting, optimistic progress
  18. ECHOES OF SUMMER – Warm, nostalgic reflections
  19. MOVING AHEAD – Positive, uplifting motif gradually building
  20. BREEZE ALONG DAYS – Unhurried, breezy swingalong
  21. BY A LAZY RIVER – Leisurely, easy-going
  22. CAST CARES AWAY – Happy-go-lucky, carefree mood
  23. TAKING YOUR TIME – Carefree, guitar interplay


The secret math behind feel-good music


This 23-track uplifting, happy, fun and playful album, Live Life Happy 2including stems, is now available to listen to and download on the West One Music Group search site. All tracks are cleared and ready to place in your upcoming documentary or production today. Just simply register for an account or login to your existing account and download and sync that positive music to bring joy to your production!

The Scoring House

Famous for its highly inspired compositions, The Scoring House brings together a group of luminaries and virtuosos in the music industry to create timeless works.

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  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Playful
  • Light-hearted
  • Uplifting
  • Thoughtful
  • Warm
  • Whimsical
  • Perky
  • Motivational
  • Positive
  • Bright
  • Joyous
  • Upbeat


  • Daytime TV
  • Communication
  • Family
  • Advertising
  • Nature
  • Children
  • Storytelling
  • Food
  • Leisure
  • Home
  • Pastoral
  • Bouncy
  • Travel
  • Sunny
  • Funny
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